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Philip Ammerman provides keynote speech at BestInvest Cyprus 2019

Philip Ammerman, founder of Navigator Consulting and Numenor Capital Partners, provided the keynote speech at the May 2019 BestInvest Cyprus conference.

BestInvest Cyprus is an annual conference that brings together major investors in Cyprus together with government officials, specialists and other professionals from the sector. This year, 5th BestInvest Conference was held at the Saint Raphael Hotel & Marina on 13-14 May.

Philip’s speech was entitled Assessing the Cyprus Investment Strategy Results and Key Risks Going Forward. This reviewed the results of efforts to promote Cyprus as a national investment destination. Specific examples of investment policies in energy, shipping, finance and education were provided as examples, together with an assessment of the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme.

It identified some key risks by companies based here going forward, and how to address them. These include:

• Cyprus Substance and OECD Common Reporting Standards

• National Banking Operations

• Tax Incentives and the Tax System

• High Input Prices and Costs

• Regional Geopolitical Issues

• Global Economic Issues

The complete presentation may be viewed here:

Further information on the 5th BestInvest Conference is provided on the conference website.

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