Numenor Capital Partners was founded in 2016 to serve as the holding company for Navigator Consulting Group and its associated companies. 

We act as a holding company for registered entities and brands that have been spun off from Navigator and the Navigator Entrepreneurship Charter


All eight companies currently operational or shortly before launch can be viewed in our Portfolio

We also provide professional services in specific areas, either directly via Numenor or via some of the specialised firms in our Portfolio. 


Our inception was in 1995, when Navigator Development Consulting International Ltd. was registered in Athens Greece. Since 1995, a number of companies have been operational:


  • Navigator Consulting Group (Athens)

  • Navigator Consulting (Paris)

  • Navigator Consulting Partners (London)

  • Navigator Consulting (Nicosia)

In 2016, following Brexit, we decided to consolidate all operations in Cyprus, where we already had three start-ups operating.

 We are currently based in Limassol, Cyprus and work globally. 

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