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CIE was founded in 2016 as an outcome of the Navigator Entrepreneurship Charter, a 10-year entrepreneurship challenge launched by Navigator Consulting Group in 2010.


CIE's mission is to foster entrepreneurship and innovation culture, skills and outcomes.


Our objectives are to:


  1. Serve as an idea laboratory, moving business concepts from idea to prototype to market launch

  2. Provide business incubation, acceleration and mentoring services to start-ups and innovators

  3. Provide consultancy support in fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, business incubation, science & technology and SME development

  4. Design and manage enterprise, regional and sectoral innovation and entrepreneurship programmes

  5. Monitor, research, report on and disseminate trends in technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and related issues

  6. Provide training, HR development, mentoring and other services in these fields.


CIE current manages three initiatives:


  • European Innovation Mentor (EIM): Innovation is a complex process. EIM aims to link successful innovators with university students to model the innovation career track in three core areas: researchers / inventors; start-ups; and corporate managers.


  • European Consulting Network (ECN): Launched in 2010, ECN is an international business intelligence and professional networking platform. It current has 8,500 members world-wide, comprising universities, research institutes, consultancies, companies and individual consultants.


  • Business Cluster Network (BCN): Launched in 2016, BCN is a networking platform for business clusters and professional associations.


CIE is based in Cyprus, but provides services across Europe and world-wide. We work with a wide range of partners and welcome cooperation inquiries. 

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