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The European Consulting Network (ECN) is an international network of consultancies, universities, chambers of commerce, individual experts, and other members who cooperate on projects funded by the European Commission as well as other international and bilateral organisations.

Membership in ECN is open to all participants.

On the ECN site, you will find the most comprehensive range of consultancy services and grant procurement opportunities funded by the European Commission; its specialised agencies; the European Parliament; the European Delegations, and all other programmes and institutions managed centrally by the EU.


We provide daily coverage of over 200 European Union agencies, programmes and institutions.

We also provide coverage of service procurement from the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, United Nations Development Programme, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, African Development Bank and others. 

Members also use our innovative cooperation platform to post and view consortium offers, recruitment opportunities and sub-contracting positions. Membership profiles and CVs are created, which enable other members a rapid assessment of consultancy capabilities, references, resources, and consultant skills.

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